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​Natural healing

Activate the body's natural healing ability
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Whole body adjustment


​Adjustment of the autonomic nerve.

​Your habits drive your lifestyle.

Good or bad, your habits dictate your lifestyle.


A good quality of life starts from the very basic functions, which is to regulate our body naturally.

Our posture shows our life style, most of us have habits, such as how to walk, stand and sit in any environment and it's difficult to have an ideal posture all the time.


Our brains become accustomed to these bad habits and it then becomes our normal posture, and over time, this posture begins to influence our muscles, bones and organs, sometimes it can impact our breathing which then in turn affects our nervous system.

To improve our life style and become more healthy, it's important to notice these habits and be aware of our posture and its impact on our bodies.

We focus on helping you to become aware of your body, your posture and then help you to release your locked muscles,  bones to proper place, thereby helping your nervous system to regenerate and function better and get stronger immune system.

A course to suit everyone's needs

​For active women

​Head to toe adjustment + sport therapy for 90min.

HKD 1800

Women's Health

​Head to toe adjustment by hand for 70min.

HKD 1500     

Post-Natal recovery

​Gentle stimulus of your organs and pelvic adjustment by hand for 30min.

​ HKD 750

For first time visitors, please add another 20 minutes and to the above times for assessment HKD - 200






Posture correction / autonomic nerve adjustment / post natal body shape reset / pelvic correction / hip joint correction / Bow leg correction / stoop improvement / bust up, hip up / stiff shoulder improvement

Back pain improvement / menstrual pain improvement / menstrual irregularity improvement / migraine improvement / constipation improvement / bloating improvement / cold chills improvement / constitution improvement / dietary habit improvement

Adjustment to Three-dimensional skeleton / Anti-aging effect such as bloating and sagging of the face / Improvement of skin quality / Improvement of Jaw tension

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Certifications & Qualifications

Doctor of Chiropractology ( AACP / CPAJ certified )

RYT200 Yoga Instructor

​Pilates Mat Instructor

Advanced Nutrition Management

General Health Management


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